The staff in both Kona and Iraq are developing these model clinics with limited capital and man power. We are in need of financial partnership to support the work in both locations as well as medical professionals to join in.

At the Aloha Kona Urgent Care, we have 4 physicians, as well as 4 nurses, 4 clerks and 1 administrator who provide care to the under serviced Kailua-Kona area. Since the clinic was only recently established, it is not yet in a position to be entirely self sustained. We are in need of financial investment until we reach self sustainability so we can continue to provide much needed service to the community as well as a experiential training environment for medical professionals seeking to learn about whole person care.

In the Kurdish region of Northern Iraq, we are in need of financial partnership as well as medical professionals joining the work to see proper care provided for the people of the area. In order to see the Urgent Care/Primary Care Clinic established with permanence, $50,000 is needed for equipment and start up costs as well as an addition $2,000 a month to support the workers in Iraq with a living wage.